Youda Safari

Youda Safari Description:

Give all the tourists a once in their lifetime holiday experience! Guide your visitors past crazy monkeys, rebellious rhinos and hilarious hippos, mind the lions in the way and look for many more wicked wildlife animals in this lovely game park game!

You are in charge of the safari parks all over the world. It’s up to you to take care of these wildlife enthusiasts and eager safari tourists and give them a holiday experience they will never forget! Choose the best photo moments, find these special rare and shy animals and upgrade your parks with new vehicles, bigger tourist facilities, restaurants and other services. Provide your guests with the best guidance tour and the best wildlife adventure they could wish for!

Finally a new time management game again! Challenge yourself in this very charming and highly addictive time management game. It offers you funny cartoon animals, great fun and excitement and challenging game play. Experience the beautiful wildlife parks all around the globe and make sure all visitors enjoy it as much as you do!


Use your mouse to point and click your way trough this very funny time-management game.




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