THE WHITE HORSE Description:

Welcome to the world of horse racing!!. You just bought a magnificent white horse with all chances to become a true champion. You have 20 weeks to bring him to win in the most famous hippodrome in the world.Do you choose the best food, a coach in the leg, shoeing just and appropriate a Jockey.The race on Sunday you put to the test!Are you ready to bet?The aim of the game is to earn the most money possible.To increase your earnings you must ensure your horse in the race on Sunday where you can also bet on the winning tender.Keep track of expenses! To move forward with your budget to weekend must always be positive.


spacebar = jump
arrow up=Move the horse towards internal fence
arrow down=Move the horse to outer fence
arrow left=Decrease the horse speed saving energy
arrow right=Increase the speed of the horse
SAVE ENERGY check always your energy !!!




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