Skateboarding Santa

Skateboarding Santa Description:

It may be summer, but Santa is still busy. After delivering all of last year's presents he'd lost his sled and is now on a skateboard rushing down streets of Manhattan trying to catch the north pole ferry. He has only 66 seconds before the ferry leaves. and Grinch's evil offspring are in his way, doing their best to slow him down.

Score points by skating over and picking up gifts scattered all over the road, performing tricks after jumping off ramps, and by making it to the finish line as fast as possible.


Move your mouse up towards the middle of the game window to accelerate
move it back down to slow down. Click left mouse button to jump.
Pick up as many gifts as you can by skating over them or jumping to reach those floating above the road.
Do not jump over ramps. Skate on and take off. Once in the air move mouse left/right and click to do tricks for extra points.




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