ptyans mototrikes

ptyans mototrikes Description:

Funny racing game. Mounts, dirt, jump pads and other different obstacles. Collect bonuses and buffs.


Space - drive, Up/Down arrows - shifting up/down, Left/Right arrows - pitching back/forward when on ground or fly. You can get some bonuses when rotate 360 on fly and special bonuses when do combo trick: 1 combo - 500 pts; 2 combo - 1000 pts; 3 combo - you will become the hero for some time. Dirt reduces 50% speed, stubs will break you, jump pads gives the chance to jump through the big dirt pools. AntiDirt buff (green wheel) gives you stability to a dirt. AntiHit buff (blue shield) gives you invulnerability.
AntiOverheat buff (red bag) reduces risk of an overheat to 0%.




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