Henry Hippo Valentine Dress Up

Henry Hippo Valentine Dress Up Description:

Henry Hippo is a shy and sensitive hippopotamus, with a big heart. He loves nature, music, and everything beautiful. The nature is his home and he is happy to go through all the spring revival of plants, summer hot months, automn beautiful days and even winter cold days full of white, immaculate snow. But most of all he loves the spring days, when all comes back to life. And especially the 14th february day... lovers day... Valnetine's Day.
Henry Hippo has a secret love for Helga. For a few years now he looks at her with hugem candid eyes and hopes she will give him some attention. But no success. This year he is decided. He wants to impress Helga Hippo so that he can ask her out for the annual River Dance which is held on Valentine's Day. He knows that she likes hip musculine Hippo's. So he decided to dress up accordingly... but he has no ideea how a tough hippo should dress. Please help him find the best outfit to attract Helga's attention by playing this fun Valentine's Day girl game.


User your mouse to choose outfit items and dress up Harry the hippo for Valentine's Day !




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